Imagine having all the tools to paint your own mural or furnishings in your home. Would you feel confident if there were easy tips for decorating with paint?
  Would you love to hear compliments from your friends & family about your home? More importantly, would you love to look at your own artwork and feel proud & fulfilled?
  That's what we're all about at We offer tools, tips, ideas, & kits so anyone can decorate their home with paint. Or, you can commission an original painting thru us.
  Enjoy your visit here. This site is about decorating with intention, the intention of surrounding yourself with things you love and bring you joy. That's the Art of Decorating.
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Friday, July 29

Vines on Trellis Mural in Bath
Wall Decals coming soon!
We're currently reproducing Colleen's artwork into repositionable wall decals. Each decal will look as if it has been handpainted and can be applied to nearly any surface.
Check back soon for our decal catalog!